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What Is New Life Hemp?

 The best Colorado Hemp in the United States

Our Story

    New Life Hemp’s original brand began in 2018. 












In the CBD space 4 years is a long time! Since then, CBDs have gained popularity nationwide and now companies like New Life Hemp are adding “functionality” such as natural melatonin or organic caffeine to some of our already amazing hemp CBD products.


We are passionate about all of the amazing benefits of hemp CBDs. Recent studies have shown that nearly 60% of people have very limited, or zero, knowledge of how impactful CBDs can be in their lives. That is too few people! More should try!


New Life Hemp’s mission is to educate as many people as possible about the several natural benefits of CBDs. CBDs have been known to replace certain over-the-counter pain medications, and help with anxiety, relaxation, stress, and several other life challenges.


Please, if you have any questions about hemp CBDs, email us Or call us 720.445.5336. You might need to leave a message but we promise to call you back within 24 hours.  Please leave us a detailed message. Don’t hesitate, we love talking about CBDs!


Super quality CBDs, like New Life Hemp’s products, are guaranteed to contain hemp CBDs. We are very proud of our products, please try them today!


We guarantee satisfaction and stand behind our products with a NO-QUESTIONS ASKED - 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Thank you and we hope you try CBDs and see what they can do for you!

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